Van Buren Law, Carol Jones Van Buren

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Charlotte, NC 28203
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  • Review of Phase I and Phase II Reports
  • Assist businesses in designing and implementing sustainable business practices and policies, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and LEEDs certified development
  • Counsel developers regarding cost effective redevelopment of contaminated property using state and federal Brownfields Programs, including availability of public grant money to assist in such projects
  • Assist businesses in finding and qualifying for Brownfields Grants and tax incentives to defray assessment and remediation expenses
  • Advise lenders regarding fiduciary liability, trust policies and environmental credit policies associated with loans and foreclosure
  • Counsel borrowers, sellers and purchasers regarding impacted property, including the use of Brownfields Programs, UST Programs, Dry-Cleaning Solvent Programs, State Superfund Programs and the placement of environmental insurance
  • Represent property owners and landlords in assessing and remediating mold impacted building materials, as well as the communication of mold issues with occupants
  • Represent de minimis and major PRPs in private and EPA-led Superfund actions
  • Assist industries in obtaining transportation facility air permits, wetland permits and other permits necessary for startup facilities
  • Challenge civil penalties assessed by regulatory agencies and respond to Notices of Violation